Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gifties for me?!

I've been away for the past week & 1/2 helping my brother with a photo shoot. It was a fun yet tiring time. Almost every day started at 6:45am and ended past midnight! Those are some crazy hours that I can't do for long periods of time. I'm getting too old for it!! Speaking of old... my birthday just so happen to come this past week. Monday was an early celebration with a nephew-in-law who shares my b-day. Tuesday started with hugs from my nieces and ended with dinner & more hugs. Wednesday morning was my day to leave for home & I was surprised by a gift from my nieces (ages 10 & 7) hidden in my suitcase. Granted it was little stuff they had but it was really touching that they felt the desire to surprise me with a gift. It was all wrapped up in a colored scarf then wrapped again in festive paper! What did they put together for me... well, a happy plaque that says 'imagine', Nerds lip balm & some dough. (The restaurant we went to gives the kids dough to play with instead of crayons & paper.) I'm still touched & amazed at those two... it's one of the best gifts I've ever received.

Because it was my birthday, and it's not something I do often, I decided to treat myself to something nice. They were something that I saw & loved a few months ago but didn't know if they were still at the shop. But if they were... they were MINE!! Well, lo & behold, these lovely beads were still there!!! Once I get them restrung, I will have something fantastic to wear the next time I'm out & about!!


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